Governor’s Commission

Governor’s Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana (DFI)

DFI was established in 1989 in an effort to accelerate Indiana’s fight against substance abuse. The Commission works in collaboration with 92 local coordinating councils (LCCs) representing all of Indiana’s (92) counties. Each year, LCCs are charged with implementing comprehensive community plans, which address substance abuse through treatment, prevention and enforcement. The Commission lends leadership and expertise in the development of these comprehensive strategies to ensure that resources needed to treat substance abuse are effectively targeted.

At the state policy level, the Commission: (1) addresses administrative and legislative needs to effectively use all resources; and (2) advises the governor and the General Assembly on strategies and policies needed to improve Indiana’s response in the fight against alcohol and drug abuse through public forums and reports.

At the local level, the Commission: (1) works to strengthen local coordinating councils and assists in developing comprehensive plans and funding strategies; (2) mobilizes communities to address substance abuse.

The Commission consists of 20 members including the governor, or the governor’s designee, four members of the General Assembly (two from the Indiana State Senate and two from the Indiana House of Representatives), and 15 members appointed to a two-year term by the governor.

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