Partnership Committees

Join in on the fun!  Partnership Committees are where all the fun happens.  To get involved, please fill out a membership form.  (See below).

Committees include:

Criminal Justice Committee–  Chair: Ed Windbigler
The CJ Committee coordinates the annual Top OWI Officer’s awards dinner and plans additional awareness programs in Elkhart County.  Also responsible for the MedReturn Box program which is present in Elkhart County and at all Police Departments (except for Millersburg)

Social Norming Committee- Chair: Daphne Coy
The Social Norming Committee acts as the advisory and governance board for the Elkhart County Social Norming Program.  The Social Norming Program is a school prevention initiative currently present in 4 local schools (Middlebury, Jimtown, Concord and Fairfield)

Treatment Committee- Chair: Sharon Burden
The Treatment Committee is currently conducting a feasibility study for a detox center in Elkhart County.  There is a need for medical detox in the county.  This committee is gathering information to determine if a detox program could exist in Elkhart County.

Information/Media Committee- Chair: Joe Brown
The Information/Media Committee is working on messaging for the various activities of the Partnership as well as, how to best work with the media around AOD information.

Membership Form:

The Partnership welcomes members who are working in the fields of treatment, prevention, criminal justice, social services, or are simply concerned citizens who wish to make a difference in Elkhart County. Members are informed of upcoming events and meetings. The Partnership offers 6 Lunch & Learns throughout the year that are open to the public.
  • Individuals who attend at least 50% of Partnership Lunch & Learns in the past calendar year are considered members with voting rights.
  • Additional Information

    The following information is required by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.
    The Partnership is considering applying for Federal funding. To do so, we must prove that we have representation from the following 12 sectors. If you can fill any of the sectors please check the box. We MUST have representation in all areas to be considered.